Asset management

Asset management is much more than fixing equipment when it breaks. We  believe that it extends a lot further to  providing efficient ways to reduce your costs significantly, improve performance and increase your company's efficiency and ROI.
SA Investment and Engineering Ltd. has the necessary resources, systematic approach and processes to operate, monitor and maintain all types of assets in your enterprise - IT, manufacture, plant, equipment, transportation, etc. Our objective: managing assets in such a way so that the greatest return is achieved. We do that by following a clear set of standards and principles to provide high-quality services in:

  • Commercial Management & Administration
  • Recurring Corporate & Tax Compliance
  • Accountancy & Finance (financial reports, audits, etc)

SA Investment and Engineering Team provides competent advice and assistance with:

  • Tax, civil, criminal and administrative litigation;  
  • Tax planning for extraordinary transactions (e.g. mergers);
  • Visits, inspections and controls by financial, customs and tax authorities;
  • Transfers of quotas with the relevant online filing of the deeds of transfer;
  • Company audits.